About Us

A faith-based organization with non-denominational practices. Although originating as an individual vision in January of 1993, by founder, Rev. John Powell, Sr., it progressed into a community initiative by November of the same year. An all volunteer staff comprised of concerned citizens, educators, and businesses in Pensacola, Florida, created an unconventional avenue to address the traditional ills of their society. The avenue that was chosen was “overnight lock-ins.” The purpose of the lock-ins was to provide social, civic, educational and recreational activities for inner city, at-risk, underprivileged youth ages six (6) to sixteen (16). The population that is targeted for our program are economically distressed, low income, poverty stricken areas. The youth from these areas are statistically single parent households with little to no adult supervision, no role models, nor authority figures present. The scope of our program covers both Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.

The strategy of our organization is to focus on prevention, intervention and reduction of the rising incidents of delinquency, youth violence, youth crime, gang activity and abuse. It is structured to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, child neglect, maltreatment, and teen pregnancy. It also confronts issues of child poverty, illiteracy, and negative generational cycles.

To continue it’s effectiveness in the community, TFY adopted additional activities. These activities were designed to promote and encourage academic excellence, moral and civic responsibility, self esteem, positive self image, confidence, pride, discipline, fortitude, and respect for self and others.

The objective of our program is to emphasize the importance of:

•a safe, non-threatening environment
•diversity in culture and background
•positive interaction with peers and authority figures
•social growth and personal development
•peaceful conflict resolution
•good hygiene and proper grooming standards

Our overall success can be contributed towards our determination in making learning an exciting and positive experience. We advocate to youth, that “success through hard work ” can be achieved mentally, spiritually, physically, academically, socially and economically. Our popularity is clearly evident and can be verified by the attendance records at our activities. It can also be justified by the support that’s received from parents, and the close relations that are fostered between partners and existing community services. Close observation and attendance records also reflect increased numbers of parent and family involvement with our activities. That as well, is an indication that our motto holds true, that “Working together with children, we can make a difference.”